About Foundation

We have the desire and opportunity to help children, and we dream of expanding the scope of this activity.
We hope for help from like-minded people: we can do more together!

Elina Svitolina Foundation was founded in 2019; its programs have reached 60 talented Ukrainian tennis players.

Today, because of the evil intentions of the aggressor who has encroached on the peaceful life of Ukrainians, we cannot do what we planned to do in its entirety. But our main goal in this tough time is to support and help Ukrainian tennis players. The war will end with our victory – and it’s time to win in the sports arenas.

Currently, the foundation cares about our young tennis players who have left Ukraine. We take care of athletes who are temporarily in different cities in Europe. We take care of their accommodation, food, and training.

We are ready to help even more of those forced to flee the war, and we invite your cooperation. We would be genuinely grateful for charitable contributions – today; they cover the needs of children who are away from home and deprived of everyday life.

We are doing good; we are getting closer to victory!

When that happy day arrives, we will be greatly relieved to return to the "peaceful" projects that could have been accomplished in so many because of your support:

Scholarships/grants for talented young tennis players

Training for gifted youngsters at international tennis academies

Participation of talented children in international competitions

Developing the infrastructure for practicing tennis (including the construction of courts)

Receiving sports equipment and implements

Organizing and conducting children's tennis competitions

Holding the next fourth Elina Svitolina Tennis Camp

We will be thankful for every contribution. Don't think that there are too small amounts, don't list them. It's not about the size of the donation but the support and desire to help.